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Conviction for theft and property crimes, including those requiring the expertise of a larceny attorney, can result in fines, incarceration and a permanent criminal record that can negatively impact you for many years, including the inability to rent an apartment in some cases, and failure of employment background checks. Employers in particular take theft crimes very seriously and will usually bar an applicant for employment if he or she has been convicted of a theft or property offense.

Larceny crimes are identified in Article 155 of the NY penal code.

  • Petit larceny - Also called petty theft. Class A misdemeanor - up to 1 year in jail).
  • Grand larceny 4th degree w/value over $1,000 (Class E felony - up to 4 years in prison).
  • Grand larceny 3rd degree w/value over $3,000 (Class D felony - up to 7 years in prison).
  • Grand larceny 2nd degree w/value over $50,000 (Class C felony - up to 15 years in prison).
  • Grand larceny 1st degree w/value over $1m (class B felony - up to 25 years in prison).
  • Aggravated grand larceny of an ATM (class C felony - up to 15 years in prison).

Other theft offenses are defined in Article 165 of the NY penal code, including:

  • Misapplication of property
  • Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
  • Auto stripping
  • Theft of services
  • Unlawful use of a credit, debit or public benefit card
  • Criminal possession of stolen property

Carjacking, burglary and robbery are among the most serious property-crime charges filed in New York City.

  • Carjacking (Class B,C, or D felony - up to 25 years, 15 years or 7 years) depending on use of force, injury and other circumstances.
  • Burglary is defined under article 140 of the NY penal code and can be charged in the third degree (up to 7 years), 2nd degree (up to 15 years) or 1st degree (5-25 years).
  • Robbery is defined under Article 160 of the NY penal code and can be charged as a first-degree felony with a sentence of 5 to 15 years.
There are many enhancing factors, including use of force, use of extortion, theft of firearms, theft of motor vehicles, theft of religious items, theft of precursors used in manufacture of illegal narcotics, use of force, injuries to a victim, and a defendant’s prior criminal record.
It’s important to remember that authorities can, and often do, charge defendants with whatever they want. Overcharging is common. What matters is whether you are convicted in a court of law. Prosecutors must prove each and every element of a criminal charge. And the tiered nature of New York property crime laws mean a significant reduction of potential charges and consequences is often possible with the help of an experienced New York larceny defense attorney.
As a former supervisory assistant district attorney, Jacob Uriel spent 14 years prosecuting sex crimes, major narcotic cases, presenting cases to the grand jury, and as a prosecutor in the felony trial and vehicular crimes bureaus. Today, he uses his experience as a prosecutor to focus his practice exclusively on criminal defense throughout the metro area, including misdemeanors, felonies, homicides, sex crimes, domestic violence, drug charges, property crimes and DWI defense.
At Uriel Criminal Defense PC, we believe anyone facing criminal charges deserves immediate access to an experienced New York City larceny and theft defense attorney and we represent clients throughout New York City and the surrounding areas, including the boroughs of Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights. Call (833) 733-4448.

Larceny Attorney Q&A

We specialize in a broad spectrum of larceny and theft charges, ranging from petit larceny, often referred to as petty theft, to grand larceny across its degrees. These charges can have serious implications, including fines, incarceration, and a lasting impact on your record, affecting employment and housing opportunities. A larceny attrney with a deep understanding of New York's penal code and a commitment to rigorous defense strategies can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.
Yes, our practice is not limited to larceny. We also handle cases involving misapplication of property, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, auto stripping, theft of services, and criminal possession of stolen property, among others. Our comprehensive approach to criminal defense ensures that you receive knowledgeable support for a wide range of theft-related charges.
Being accused of theft or larceny is a serious matter that requires immediate attention. The first step is to understand your rights and the implications of the charges against you. It's crucial to seek experienced legal representation from an experienced theft & larceny attorney as early as possible to navigate the complexities of the legal system. At Uriel Criminal Defense, P.C., we're dedicated to offering comprehensive defense strategies tailored to your specific case. Don't hesitate to reach out to us  for guidance and support during this challenging time.

Additional Information in Brooklyn, New York

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New York Consolidated Laws, Penal Law - Article 155 Larceny: Justia offers a comprehensive overview of Article 155 of the New York Consolidated Laws, which covers larceny, including definitions, defenses, and the value of stolen property. It's a valuable resource for understanding the legal framework surrounding larceny charges in New York.
New York State Unified Court System: Offers information on court procedures, legal resources, and guidance for individuals facing larceny and theft charges in New York.
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